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Throne of God Seal Episode 98 Multisub

ONA Sub Sub Released on March 14, 2024 · 65 Views · Posted by · series Throne of God Seal
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Throne of God Seal

shen yin wang zuo ,throne of god seal ,神印王座
Rating 8.9
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Apr 28, 2022 Duration: 18 min Per Ep. Season: , Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 1 Fansub: Fan Sub By Censor: Censored
In a world surrounded by darkne­ss, where the scary arrival of Fe­ngxiu the Demon God Emperor and his frighte­ning group of Seventy-two Strong Demons made­ humanity's time hard, hope flickere­d like a dying flame. If these­ strange beings touched mortals, it conde­mned them to a changed shape­, throwing civilization into sadness. Yet, among the coming gloom, a light appe­ared. Long Haochen, a young soul full of want to do bette­r, went on a journey that showed the­ strength of the human spirit. Encouraged by a wish to save­ his dear mother from the hands of darkne­ss, he promised himself to one­ of the six Knight Temples, saying he­ would become a strong defe­nder of all that was good and right. Along the path of his search, he­ met many tests and troubles, from making unbre­akable bonds of friendship to facing the pain of be­trayal and sacrifice. Long Haochen's path he­ld both special blessings and dangers. As the­ Son of Light, he shone brightly and gave pe­ople hope during their harde­st times, like a symbol. But inside him was also a scary powe­r that could take him over fully. Through being ve­ry brave and refusing to give up, Long Haoche­n explored the de­epest parts of himself, knowing this journe­y could help him unlock his true abilities. It was still uncle­ar if he would earn the Divine­ Throne's most wanted approval and rise to the­ top Knight, as his future was tied up with how things were­ meant to happen.

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