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Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

? episodes · TV Ongoing Battle Through the Heavens Season 5,空を割るための戦い

After three grueling years of relentless pursuit, Xiao Yan’s journey finally brought him to the prestigious Canaan Academy, a place where destiny seemed to weave its intricate threads with Xun’er’s path. Their meeting sparked more than just a friendship; it ignited a bond that seemed to transcend the trials awaiting them. Amidst the ancient walls of Canaan, Xiao Yan discovered not just camaraderie but also a sense of purpose that would give rise to the fabled Panmen.

Driven by an unyielding thirst for justice against the formidable Sanshang Yunlan Sect, Xiao Yan embarked on a dangerous quest to hone his skills and seek vengeance for his father’s untimely demise. With unwavering determination, he delved into the perilous depths of the Heavenly Incineration Qi Tower, where peril lay in wait at every corner. Within the swirling chaos of the Fallen Heart Flame, he confronted his deepest fears, braving its fiery essence in a daring attempt to harness its power.

In the crucible of adversity, Xiao Yan’s spirit burned bright, much like the flames he sought to control. Every trial he faced, every sacrifice he made, served only to fuel his resolve to rise above the ashes of his past and carve out a destiny worthy of his heritage. With the flames of vengeance raging within him, he embraced the challenge, understanding that true redemption could only be found by confronting the shadows that lingered within his own heart.

The Westward Season 5

? episodes · ONA Ongoing ,西遊記

In a captivating narrative of divine intervention, the three statues stir to life, beckoning Sun Wukong to aid the gods in their hour of need. As the companions of the westbound team scatter, Sha Wujing embarks on a courageous journey to the netherworld to rescue their beloved master. Meanwhile, Bajie’s unwitting actions sow chaos in Heishui Town, setting in motion a chain of unforeseen events.

Elsewhere, the noble white wolf Xiao Yu confronts a formidable tiger amidst the eerie silence of the haunted forest, only to be ensnared by stone soldiers within the ancient city’s walls. Amidst the turmoil, Sanzang and his loyal companions return to lend their aid, facing the Shadow King once more in a battle for redemption.

With the triumphant return of Wukong, the stage is set for epic confrontations and profound revelations. Through Sanzang’s unwavering resolve, old grievances are finally put to rest. As the western team bids farewell to their enigmatic benefactor, they press forward, their journey punctuated by unique trials and unexpected alliances forged in the crucible of adversity.