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Shrounding the Heavens Episode 64 Subtitles

ONA Sub Sub Released on July 2, 2024 · 32 Views · Posted by · series Shrounding the Heavens (Zhe Tian)
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Shrounding the Heavens (Zhe Tian)

Shrounding the Heavens (Zhe Tian),空を覆う
Rating 8.1
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: May 03, 2023 Duration: 24 min. per ep Season: Country: Type: ONA Fansub: chikiamimation Censor: Censored
In this animated journey, inspired by Chendong Shatian's "Shatian" trilogy, we're drawn into the cosmic depths, where darkness holds sway and the unknown beckons. Picture this: nine majestic dragon corpses, frozen in the annals of time, their ancient forms pulling a bronze coffin through the infinite expanse of space. It's a sight that seizes the mind's eye, captured by the solitary gaze of a space probe amidst the hush of the cosmos. As these mighty dragons laboriously guide the coffin, one can't help but ponder their purpose: do they venture back to a primordial past, or have they transcended the celestial bounds to reach a realm beyond our understanding? Here, the veil of Xianxia is lifted, revealing a realm where the strange and enigmatic dance in harmony. Within this vast tapestry of wonder, emotions surge like a volcanic eruption, passions rise and fall like the ebb and flow of the tide, and desires plummet into the unfathomable depths of the abyss. Each step taken towards the heavens becomes a symphony of existence, every movement a verse in an epic tale. Yet, amidst this grandeur, lies a deeper truth—a spiritual odyssey where every moment pulses with the extraordinary. It's an invitation to soar beyond the mundane, to embrace the extraordinary within, and to carve out a destiny that is uniquely human.

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