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Supreme God Emperor Episode 376 Multi-subtitles

ONA Sub Sub Released on May 6, 2024 · 28 Views · Posted by · series Supreme God Emperor
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Supreme God Emperor

Wu Shang Shen , Supreme God Emperor,最高神帝
Rating 7.5
Status: Ongoing Released: May 15, 2020 Duration: 8 minutes Season: Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 1 Fansub: chikiamimation Censor: Censored
In a time long forgotten, ten thousand years ago, the Immortal King Muyun faced betrayal due to his possession of the Zhuxian Diagram. After a deep, 10,000-year slumber, his soul awakened in the barren "Waste Muyun" of the Nanyun Empire on the Tianyun Continent. Immediately upon his return, his student Miao Xianyu tried to trap him, but Muyun overcame the scheme with ease, revealing more secrets of alchemy in the process. This caught the attention of the renowned alchemy master, Mo Wen. Back at his home, Muyun learned about an arranged marriage with Qin Mengyao, a seemingly cold and afflicted young lady from the Qin family. The marriage was for the benefit of both families, but Muyun agreed on the condition of practicing alchemy. After refining the Quenching Bone Pill, his cultivation level improved for the first time. Mo Wen frequently sought his guidance, and Qin Shiyu earnestly requested Mo Wen's help for his beloved granddaughter, Qin Mengyao. Intrigued by Mu Yun's unique abilities, Qin Mengyao discovered that her alleged "poison" was, in fact, the Ice Phoenix spirit. Cured by Muyun's skilled hands, her cultivation skyrocketed, allowing her to join Mu Yun as a teacher at Beiyun Academy. Dongfang Yu, who had unsuccessfully pursued Qin Mengyao, grew resentful and hostile towards Mu Yun. As Muyun progressed in his Zhu Xian Diagram cultivation, he ventured to the majestic Beiyun Mountain Range for further practice. Miao Xianyu accompanied him on this journey, and during their expedition, Muyun astonished his companion by single-handedly subduing over a dozen Purple-Haired Hunting Wolves. Meanwhile, Liu Shan, an assassin assigned to the "Curtain Movement," secretly trailed them, waiting for the opportune moment to strike when Muyun's strength weakened.

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